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A beard refers to facial hair that develops on the upper and lower parts of a man face after puberty. In many parts of the world, the beard represents maturity and great power. Facial hair growth depends on some factors, with one of them being an individual's testosterone levels. Testosterone is a natural hormone enhancer that stimulates the rate of growth in men. Hence, facial hair growth varies from one man to another.


The growth of a healthy beard requires quality care. This thus calls for the need of a man to eat foods that are rich in protein. This is because proteins are the kind of food that builds the body. Also, a reduction in stress levels ensures that excess energy is not wasted on over thinking meaning that this energy can be used by the body for healthy growth of tissues and bodily hair. It has been scientifically proven that stress in men leads to immense hair loss. Stress can only be reduced by boosting blood flow in one's body through vigorous exercise. Besides exercise, it is advisable to wash the face thoroughly so as to get rid of dead tissue that might be blocking facial hair growth pores.


Beard growth demands a lot of undying personal dedication. Huge amounts of hair on our bodies cause immense discomfort. Therefore, a man in need of a fully grown healthy beard has to be able to overcome this irritation. A fully grown and soft beard takes around a month to mature, and so one must be patient enough to realize this.


Apart from eating proteins, one should increase the amounts of vitamins in one's body by consuming more vegetables each day and prescribed vitamins. Some of the beard vitamins essential for healthy facial human growth are vitamin B6, beta- carotene, and other vitamins that are also significant. Trimming of the beard should not cross your mind before six weeks of continuous growth has occurred. Facial grooming should only be conducted after the six weeks are over and when the beard has softened.


After full growth has been achieved, an individual can then shape the beard according to his preference. However, shaving of the entire facial hair is prohibited as this will only stunt beard growth. One should only trim and shape it on a monthly basis. Therefore, a healthy and thick beard requires sheer commitment and determination coupled with great resilience. A mustache does not grow in one day. Read more about growing beard at